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uses premium wood fibre mulch for hydromulch applications. Virgin wood fibre mulch is the first choice of hydromulch contractors around the world. Here are some of the products we use…

EcoFibre premium wood fibre mulch

  • The highest quality mulch on the market!
  • Longest fibres available
  • Better matting ability
  • No clumping or crusting
  • More moisture holding capacity
  • Best soil bond

EcoFibre’s superior performance capability comes in a user-friendly package for a one-step hydroseeding application.

EcoFibre contains a non-toxic green colouring compound to make the product easier to see when spraying, so the operator can tell where, and how much of the mixture has been applied


The best mulch available and then some..!

EcoFibre+Tac offers all the advantages of 100% whole wood EcoFibre and more… for extra protection on difficult sites where slopes, soil conditions or weather call for extra erosion control ability.

All the advantages of our EcoFibre 100% wood fiber mulch, plus a high strength organic tackifier. Using EcoFibre+Tac ensures a smooth hydroseeding operation.

  • Pre-blended, evenly dispersed, no extra bags
  • Consistent, high-quality mixture
  • No irritating tackifier dust clouds
  • Quick dispersion in water
  • Blends smoothly with seed and fertilizer
  • Extra lubricity to the mixture, prevents clogging

EcoFibre+Tac contains a non-toxic green colouring compound to make the product easier to see when spraying, so the operator can tell where, and how much of the mixture has been applied


Pre-mixed – Easy to Use – Cost Effective

A one-step, hydraulically-applied, stabilized fiber matrix erosion control system, that’s formulated to hold soil in place immediately on application, even during the drying and curing stage. EcoMatrix is designed for use on pads and slopes from flat to a maximum grade of 2.5H : 1V.

EcoMatrix is pre-mixed for maximum wet strength. While most hydraulic matrix systems are additive systems that claim to be a bonded fiber matrix, our blending process ensures that the additives are uniformly mixed in the fiber.

EcoMatrix consists of superior long wood fibers, non-toxic bonding agents, and soil stabilizers that form a protective mat. It is sprayed on like a hydromulch. The wood fibers naturally interlock, and when dry the matrix forms a porous, breathable, erosion-resistant mat that completely biodegrades over time.

To resist dispersion and leaching from rain the bonding compounds are cross-linked; thus, mat integrity is strong and provides excellent erosion protection for a period of three to six months. EcoMatrix? is designed to save you soil and money.


The best environmentally protective soil holder on the market today!

This Bonded Fiber Matrix sprays on like a mulch, but dries to form a porous, breathable, and water insoluble mat that bonds firmly with the soil, prevents erosion, and saves time and money.

  • Easy to mix
  • Easy to apply, no cavitation
  • No tenting or rilling
  • No staples or stakes
  • Does not hurt wildlife or fish

EcoAegis combines the low cost and ease of application of hydroseeding, the protection of a blanket, and the advantages of a mulch.

EcoAegis consists of premium Northern Softwood fibers, a natural guar gum tackifier, and a proprietary crosslinking agent.

This mat protects seeds and enhances germination then decomposes over time into carbon dioxide and organic matter to aid in plant development.