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Fabrics & Blankets 


Areas that require immediate protection from runoff, such as overland drainage channels or flumes, can be protected using fabrics such as Enkamat, jute mesh and coconut fibre blankets.

The process involves the installation of the fabrics, then seeding and fertilizing. The fabrics offer stabilisation of the site until revegetation occurs.

Fabrics and blankets are very important tools in erosion control. There are many types of differing construction, but they’re all used primarily to stabilise soil which is subject to overland flows of water. By their very structure, they form an instant barrier against the impact of raindrops on disturbed soil. They’re also used to channel water to specific areas for collection and to minimise gully erosion on slopes.

All blanket type materials need to be trenched-in at the top of the slope to prevent undermining by water flow. Pegs used to pin blankets should be made of biodegradable material and placed in accordance with the manufactures specifications.