Conventional Seeding
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Conventional Seeding


Areas consisting of reasonable soil types can be reseeded using conventional tractor mounted implements such as Chisel Ploughs, Dnil Seeders, Spinner Broadcasters and Harrows.

First we chisel plough the area to a depth of 200mm to break compaction and allow infiltration of water. Following chisel ploughing the seed can be placed in the seed bed by using a seed drill which drops both seed and fertiliser into a prepared furrow before re-covering the seed. This method is suitable for use in areas of good soil.

An alternative method is to chisel plough to a depth of 200 mm, then spread the seed using a spinner broadcaster that spins out the seed over the prepared surface. The fertiliser is also distributed using this machine. A set of harrows are used to cover the seed and bring the area to a level condition.

Conventional seeding is a proven method of revegetation, but has the drawback that during chisel ploughing, rocks and other debris can be brought to the surface, and have to be removed to provide a mowable finish.